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Unusual Nordic Track Pro Plus Ultimate Ski Machine

I sell only Pre 1997 Made in Chaska, MN Original Nordic Track Ski Machines before the Icon Fitness buyout and Ski Machine component production was moved to China.


This is an excellent condition PRO Plus with all steel frame construction and inlaid wood. This may be the Ultimate Ski Machine ever made for home use. The steel is powder coated grey and contrasts beautifully with the stained wood. This machine, along with the Achiever Plus and Medalist Plus (plug in), were built as the most deluxe offering in the Nordic Track line with many upgraded design features. From the integrated arm stabilizers to the inlaid style light colored skis and covered flywheel this machine is a complete redesign of the typical skier. Front stabilizer bar makes continuous contact with the ground for a solid feel. Belly pad has maximum durability (no cushioned vinyl)and is integrated into the console for a more custom look. Automatic ratcheting action makes changing incline a snap and eliminates fooling around with the individual pins on both spread arms (of most machines). On the fly lower resistance so you do not have to stop exercising to adjust leg resistance. It lowers and raises with automatic ratcheting action for ease of height adjustment-just raise or lower with one hand. On the fly leg resistance knob is at your fingertips.
The computer features individual windows for continuous viewing of all functions simultaneously. The pulse monitor with ear clip is included. Pulse monitoring has two very important functions- it helps keep you in your exercise range and also helps prevent over exertion which can be dangerous. This measures your pulse by a method known as opto - electronic pulse detection. By applying an infa - red light beam to the fine blood vessels in the fingertip or lobe of the ear the meter detects changes in the amount of light absorbed by the hemoglobin in your body by means of a highly sensitive sensor. Since your pulse rate is constantly changing with each pulse beat, the pulse meter measures your pulse for a period of 5 beats and then converts the average to your pulse rate per minute. This value then appears in the display .

The covered flywheel keeps sweat and dust out of the mechanics of the machine. The steel construction was built to last a lifetime with a more solid heavy feel. This is the heaviest ski machine ever made at over 90 lbs but it has wheels for ez movement. Included are copies of manuals for both the ski machine and the upgraded computer functions for this exact machine.
This will be shipped to you in TWO double wall boxes with very careful wrapping and packing to guarantee it arrives in perfect shape. NOTE: Thickness of box used to ship your Nordic Track. There can be a very high rate of damage when shipping skiers due to their size and vulnerability. I have shipped 100s successfully by using hand made and tested packing materials.

Manuals are included - Operating manual , Monitor manual, and Healthy Living exercise program.

SHIPPING in 2 Boxes : 199.00

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