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Pulse Clip Plugs into Most Nordic Track Monitors

This is a used good condition PULSE EAR CLIP AND PLUG IN CORD that fits most Nordic Track monitors or any monitor that has an input for pulse.

Just plug into pulse plug on your computer. Pulse monitoring has two very important functions- it helps keep you in your exercise range and also helps prevent over exertion which can be dangerous. This measures your pulse by a method known as opto-electronic pulse detection. By applying an infa-red light beam to the fine blood vessels in the fingertip or lobe of the ear the meter detects changes in the amnount of light absorbed by the hemoglobin in your body by means of a highly sensitive sensor. Sinse your pulse rate is constanly changing with each pulse beat, the pulse meter measures your pulse for a period of 5 beats and then converts the average to your pulse rate per minute. This value then appears in the display.

Make sure your computer has a pulse plug in b4 you buy because many Nordic Track computers do not have this.

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$12.80 14 available