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Nordic Track Sport 450 Ski Machine Unusual Composite Frame

This is a very good condition Nordic Track Sport 450 Ski Machine. The Nordic Track Sport 450 is made of high quality composite material that is very durable and keeps close tolerances. The Sport 450 does not warp and remains smooth due to its graphite construction plus it has no rust or corrosion. Special features include simulated ski conditions for a more realistic experience. Gliding type motion is simulated based on snow settings.
The SPORT 450 is the top of the line model in the Sport series with fold out stabilizer legs, upgraded computer, and pulse monitoring. The Sport 450 uses 2 dials to control ski resistance based on effort and snow conditions. Arm resistance is also adjustable. Exercise computer keeps track of time, distance, & speed. The flywheel is enclosed to protect from sweat during vigorous workouts and for alignment protection. Easy folding for convenient storage. Original manual for the Sport machine series is included. This model can not be shipped in the Winter season because the composite material can shatter in cold weather after being left on trucks overnite.

NOTE: Thickness of box used to ship your Nordic Track. There is a very high rate of damage when shipping Nordic Tracks due to size and vulnerability when shipping an item like this. I have shipped 100s successfully.


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