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Nordic Track Pro Ski Machine Original Monitor with Pulse

***I offer ONLY pre 1997 Original Quality Nordic Track WOOD & STEEL (Made in Chaska Minnesota) Nordic Track Ski Machines from before the Company Name was purchased by Icon Fitness. ****

This is a used but Excellent condition Nordic Track Pro Model ski machine. The Nordic Track Pro has wide front legs for stability during vigorous workouts and the incline can be adjusted up or down for a tougher, more rewarding workout. Adjustable ski tension. Adjustable arm resistance. Adjustable belly pad height slides and locks on chrome upright .
Workout computer keeps track of time, distance, speed, and pulse. (pulse ear clip is included ). There is NO SKI THUMP with this machine. It is smooth with no knocking of ski to roller contact, a problem with some Nordic Track ski machines which can ruin the skiing experience. Features Nordic Track's smooth patented flywheel action. Wheels for convenient moving. Machine folds for storage. I ship only machines that have been thoroughly checked out: all parts checked and or replaced if necessary including drag strap,upright spacers, all caps for feet & stalk, reel cord, grips,springs,tighteners & knobs, detent pins, frame, bolts,power cord & computer. ALSO, I insure certified smoothness of operation -checked tolerances between rollers and skis, oiled rollers and reel. A copy of the original manual for maintenance and use is included.
NOTE: Thickness of box used to ship your Nordic Track. There is a very high rate of damage when shipping Nordic Tracks due to size and vulnerability. With a thorough and proven shipping system , I have had 1000s delivered successfully.


(Optional Pulse Clip)
Pulse monitoring has two very important functions- it helps keep you in your exercise range and also helps prevent over exertion which can be dangerous. This measures your pulse by a method known as opto - electronic pulse detection. By applying an infa - red light beam to the fine blood vessels in the fingertip or lobe of the ear the meter detects changes in the amount of light absorbed by the hemoglobin in your body by means of a highly sensitive sensor. Since your pulse rate is constantly changing with each pulse beat, the pulse meter measures your pulse for a period of 5 beats and then converts the average to your pulse rate per minute. This value then appears in the display .
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