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Nordic Track Easy Ski UNUSUAL EZ Ski with Ski Poles Includes Monitor and Manuals

This is a Superb condition Easy Ski with the realistic pivoting ski poles combined with a Pro base featuring wheels for mobility. With this machine you get all the benefits of realistic ski pole action PLUS Nordic Track Pro mobility and strength - a beautiful hybrid - the only one I have ever seen. Many customers prefer the realistic hand grip and pivoting poles to the standard rope reel on almost all ski machines. It may be a bit easier to learn and get used to as well. Also, the poles can lock and serve as stabilizers if you prefer to just exercise your lower body treadmill style which does achieve aerobic level conditioning.

The monitor keeps track of time elapsed, distance, and speed and can scroll through each function.

This machine is in Near New condition with little or no substantial use so you will have the nearly full life of the machine ahead of you.This should last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and easily available drive rollers every 7 or 8 years. The Easy Ski has the same smooth proven flywheel dragstrap resistance technology used in all models of the wood machines ever made with 7 million satisfied customers.

Wheels allow for mobility around your house - just roll it anywhere. The Easy Ski folds for storage.

Manuals included.

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