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Nordic Track Anniversary Ski Machine Excellent

NordictrackerOnline sells and ships Only Original pre 1997 Nordic Track Ski Machines from before Icon Fitness bought the Nordic Track name and moved production to China.

This is a used excellent condition Nordic Track 20TH Anniversary Edition ski machine. The 20th Anniversary model is identical to a Pro with the wide front legs except the angle of incline is fixed and not adjustable. The Anniversary has Textured Powder Coat paint for a nicer look and exceptional durability. The computer monitor is one of Nordic track's most reliable models. It keeps track of speed, time, distance, and more. The wide legs add stability for vigorous workouts but are not height adjustable. The adjustable " Pro style " leg frame and chrome legs can be added at any time in the future and are available from NordictrackerOnline
The entire upper apparatus with belly pad and arm reel slides up and down on the upright for custom height adjustment. Reel resistance and ski resisitance are adjustable. The 20th Anniversary features Nordic Track's smooth, quiet, patented flywheel for smooth low impact knee friendly exercise. Molded grips add a bit of weight and a comfortable grip. This machine is in near new condition with almost no wear on the drive rollers or skis. All parts are checked for functionality before shipment and replaced if damaged , missing, or worn excessively.

ALSO, I insure certified smoothness of operation -checked tolerances between rollers and skis, oiled rollers and reel. This is shipped to you in a custom double wall box with very careful wrapping and packing to guarantee it arrives in perfect shape.

NOTE: Thickness of box used to ship your Nordic Track. There is a very high rate of damage when shipping Nordic Tracks due to size and vulnerability when shipping an item like this. I have shipped 100s successfully. A copy of the original manual for maintainence and use is included as well as the seperate computer manual. A Bargain for this Proven quality NORDIC TRACK exercise system.

Shipping: 99.00 (fully insured)

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