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NORDIC TRACK ACHIEVER SKIER pre 1990 HEAVY DUTY Reinforced Frame Big Tall Larger Heavier

This is an Excellent condition pre 1992 Achiever with the reinforced frame which accommodates larger people for more vigorous workouts. Several of my larger customers have requested this older frame ski machine with the much larger sideboards because it stands up to forces generated by more weight . This features a 5 spoke flywheel, double free rollers on all 4 corners, welded bars on the front frame, much wider sideboards, and heavier weight,

This Achiever has dial on the upright resistance , arm resistance readout lbs/kgs , leg resistance readout lbs/kgs , covered flywheel , smoother reel with double washer bearings and double leather surface area , adjustable incline , handlebars for use as a treadmill .

This Achiever has the same famous smooth flywheel drag strap resistance technology shared by all Nordic Tracks but with a nicely balanced 5 spoke flywheel .

Over the years customers have told me that this machine , or the older Pro model with the same heavy duty frame, has not been affected by more than usual size or weight .

Speedometer monitor tracks speed, distance, and time duration. Manuals included for monitor and ski machine. Oversize and weight requires special air packaging materials to keep weight under 70 lb. limit.

Price : 589.00 +99.00 s&h .

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