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Ab Roller Plus With Stabilizer Power Stands and DVD and Manual

This is the Original Ab Roller Plus with hinged stabilizers (Power Stands), a copy of the original manual, and the training video DVD. Ab Roller gives you stability and alignment when working your abs and helps prevent stress and fatigue injuries. The Author of "FAT BURNING BIBLE" Mackie Shilstone says " Recent studies have demonstrated that the abdominal crunch is as effective , if not more so, than the infomercial abdominal products on the market." And this is the SAFE way to do ABDOMINAL CRUNCHES. This is in very good shape with just a few nicks in the foam tube covering. The Ab Roller Plus is very well made and should last years. A copy of the original Ab Roller Plus manual with exercises and assembly instructions is included. The DVD features Brenda Dygraaf, US Aerobic Champion . She demonstrates exercises from Beginner to Advanced. It is very important to use this video to see the variety of exercises but more importantly to see the best and safest way to use the Ab Roller Plus. I think this DVD is one of the best exercise videos I have ever seen because of the full spectrum of ab muscles that are worked in such a reasonable amount of time. Keep the box it comes in and disassemble for travel or transport-take it with you on vacations and travel! Box measures 5 x 17 x 28 inches.

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