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Testimonial Page

The following are testimonials from customers who have kindly taken the time and effort to email NordictrackerOnline their reasons for satisfaction in their experience with us.

Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: NordictrackerOnline Re: Order confirmation for order #2421

Hello Mark!!

Thank you SO much for the beautiful Nordic track!
Everything arrived in perfect shape- you really packed
it up well! It's already in use and I can't be any happier
with it! After my first five minutes I realized that I've got
some training to do! I forgot what an intense cardio
workout it truly is! Thank you for restoring these awesome
machines to mint condition!

Thank you!!! 👍😊
Michelle Veloso
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 6:15 PM
Subject: Re: NordictrackerOnline - Re: Order #2301

Mark. --- just a quick note to confirm that the machine was received today and all appears to be in impeccable condition. Thanks!

Paul L. Robert
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 1:33 PM
Subject: easy ski

The easy ski arrived yesterday. I put it together and did my first workout on it today. It worked great, looks brand new.
Rich Kenny
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2014 9:12 AM
Subject: Nordic Track Machine

Hi Mark. I received my Nordic Track machine earlier week and wanted to let you know that it arrived in excellent condition. Your packaging method is very good.

And the machine works very well, too, so much better than the one it replaced which I purchased in early 2002 after my original one,purchased in 1991 and with
me in Japan for 5 years, gave out. Now I can actually hear the voices on the internet shows I watch while I ski, and the operation is very very smooth.

I have some work friends who are ten years younger than me and need to get in the excercise groove befoe it's too late. I definitely will recommend your company to them.


Mark Ehrlich


1/23/2012 Subject : Achiever


Just wanted to thank you for your help. The Nordic Track arrived several days ago and has had a good workout. Working perfectly! Thank you for your patience and professional service.

Dianne Shepherd

12/17/2011 Subject : NordictrackerOnline confirmation

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to let you know I received my Nordic Track earlier this week. It's in great condition and works very well. I am very happy to have been able to do business with you.
I owned a Nordic Track about 20 years ago and always regretted selling it. I'm very happy to have been able to find another one at such a good price.
Thanks again,
Bill Hermanns
Richland, WA

11/06/2011 Subject : NordictrackerOnline shipment

Mark :

Confirming that the Nordic Track Pro got here intact, and is working great. This is #3 for me - purchased first one more than 20 years ago, second one more than 10 years ago, and wore out the flywheel ball bearings of both after years of daily use. Then used a treadmill for 3+ years before wearing out the belt on it. Hope you're not retiring anytime soon - I may need another one in about 10 years.

Craig Smith

8/16/2011 Subject : Nordic Track doing well


My new NordicTrack arrived in good shape and I have been able to put it through its paces for a week or so now. It is doing great. Thanks again for redirecting me toward getting another NordicTrack Pro as opposed to the model I initially ordered.


Grant R. Folkmann
6/13/2011 Subject :

Hi, Mark,

The grips arrived today. They're just what I was expecting. Thanks!
Sincerely, Milt

5/14/2011 Order Confirmation Order # 1729

Hi Mark! Just had to touch base with you, we are LOVING our new Excel!
Thank you for everything but mostly for doing what you do, offering
REAL Nordic Track machines at great prices. I'm sure we will be in
touch with questions when our baby needs maintenance. Take care ~
Christine and Frank Post
5/13/2011 Subject : Great Job Mark ! !

Hi Mark,

I received my Nordic Track and have gotten to do a couple of workouts on it. It’s GREAT! I haven’t had such a good experience on a Nordic Track since my original one was brand new. You did a marvelous job restoring the machine to a new state! Your attention to detail (machine, shipping, etc.) is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much – I am a VERY satisfied customer!

Have a great weekend,

4/23/2011 Subject : Order confirmation for # 1707

Hi Mark,
I just received my nordic track. It's wonderful; thank you very much. Have a great holiday!
3/30/2011 Subject: Re: Receipt # 2444-9506-2426-6140 Nordic Trac Sequoia


The Sequoia arrived fine. Your packing system works great. Last night was the first time we were able to set it up and give it a test ride. We noticed no problems. It looks brand new! Thanks very much for getting it here so quickly and in such good shape. Actually, this one went to our house in Florida where my husband works during the week. He uses it during the hot months so he can still exercise without being in the Florida heat! We have another in our Georgia house that I bought new back in the 90's.

Hope you have a safe spring.

Kathy Magill
3/24/2011 Subject : NordictrackerOnline

Hi Mark:
I have been using the Anniversary NT that you sent to me several months ago and all is going superbly. Its great that you keep these fabulous machines in outstanding condition and available to people that appreciate what they produced years ago. I wonder that some day someone might start up a quality production line again.
Thanks again.
Carl Long
3/24/2011 Subject: RE: NordictrackerOnline Order Queue


Just got my delivery today. Set it up immediately and had a workout. It was great. The machine is exactly as I remember my original and was in perfect working order. I am extremely pleased!

Thank you for the care and attention you clearly give your products and customers.


Robin Moscato
Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid
Princeton University
3/20/2011 Subject : Order

Nordic Tract received. Much better than old one and like new.
3/14/2011 Subject : order #1652

Hi Mark,
My Nearly New Nordic Track Achiever arrived this morning! It is awesome. I've already tried it out and it's even better than I expected. Your work is excellent and top notch and I would recommend you to anyone interested in a Nordic Track Ski Machine. You've done everything you said and kept me informed during the whole process. Thank you.
With kind regards,
Kathryn Hoyt
12/14/2010 THANKS MARK ! -- Re: NordictrackerOnline Confirmation Pro & adj prgm monitor


Just a note to let you. Machine was delivered on Sat 12/11, on schedule and with packing in good shape.

All assembled, up and running and in beautiful condition. Action runs smooth as butter.

Thanks again, for your help and the great quality you bring to the machine.

NICE JOB! Happy to recommend you any time. Glad you're out there in the Nordic Track world.

Have a wonderful holiday



Karen Strite Sciba
8/9/2010 Subject : Order

Hi Mark,
I did get it, it was on my step when I got home from work. You did a great job packing it, fedex smashed the box up a bit, but it was fine. I put it in the room and figured out how to put everything together. It's different from what I am used to. My first one I bought from the company I guess about 20 years ago, the Sequoia, I used it for years, moved it when I bought a house, stopped using it for a long time, then the flywheel was no good. Bought a used one, used it after my son was born 8 years ago, stopped, same thing with the flywheel when I tried to use it. so I chose that graphite sport model, and bought from you because you really seem to know what you are doing. I've used it 2 times already, there are things I like, and some things I don't ( it seems louder than my wooden ones, and I don't know if I like the tension thing or not), but all in all I am very happy! Thank you so much!