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Nordic Track Skier Repairs

FEB. 2018 - Customer Repairs and Solutions

A customer called with a tight almost frozen axle/drive roller problem. She said it was too hard to even move. The drive rollers seemed to be stuck in place. Did I have any suggestions ? :

There are a couple of variables that could be the cause of a problem like this. It is possible for the clamp rings that hold the drive rollers and washers in place on the axle to be too tight for smooth functioning because of bad adjustment from a previous owner or slow buildup of dirt, grease, pet hair, wax, and I have even found string wrapped around the axle between the clamp and the rollers. The clamps need to be loosened with a hex tool - the same size as the main IKEA furniture hex tool works. I use a couple of credit cards as a measurement device to gauge space between the axle washers and the clamp. You can adjust this to your own personal taste. I have seen these work well when really loose but the 2 credit card measure is my preference . You can attempt to clean the washers and axle with alcohol and a rag or q tip without taking off the sideboards. The plastic washer always goes against the drive roller and the metal washer is next. Re - tighten clamps and done.

The drag strap is also a possible cause of this problem. Check the tension of the dragstrap by loosening the clip on the upright and moving it down until it loosens the dragstrap against the flywheel. This problem can happen when a user folds the machine with the clip too high on the upright so that it sort of freezes in position during storage.