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      First we thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies of your Nordic Track .

To clean your Nordic Track a series of small to large brushes are helpful to fit into tight and constrained places.

We use  steel wool or light abrasives and vinegar to polish chrome without scratching.Staining furniture polish can make your wood machine look really nice.

Then we start the testing process with the electronics.
Wiring conections and readouts must be functioning or troubleshooting takes place to determine cause of problem. If there is a problem
it is usually a loose connection on a cable or an adjustment or even a weak battery which needs replacing. Missing parts are rerplaced at
this stage and tested. These can be things like spacers, rubber feet knobs,caps,tracks,cables, ect

Meanwhile a box is assembled and reinforced with nylon corded tape.

The restoration process as described may help you with maintenance and repair of your own Nordic Track.
Your Nordic Track requires lubrication to both sides of all 4 free rollers, leather pad beneath reel, washer bearing assembly under reel spring, tiny pulley axles on both sides of reel. Done. Do not oil drve rollers on main axle. If you accidently get oil on the main axle email me for how to fix. If free rollers are slow or stuck the frame must be taken apart so as to expose and oil axle that goes through the free roller.

Matching stain sealers for the Pro, Achiever, and Excel or matching pure stain for the unsealed Sequoia , all carefully applied,  make the wood look great.

Retaining hex nuts on the main axle need to be checked for correct spacing or relative looseness of entire flywheel assembly.

Electronics issues can be checked and or repaired then reassembled by attaching a string to loose wire and plug assembly and pulling it up through the  hole in the upright. The tiny retaining nut slides down the same string to tighten the plug as you are pulling the plug through the hole. We test before and after final step.

Reel cord is unwound (after removing grips) and checked for even length and can be easily pulled through the 2 exit points in the reel until even. With unwound cord hanging on both sides of reel, wind top cord counterclockwise around the reel until there is no more cord remaining and then through the right pulley.  Pull through until evenly distributed.

Upright bumpers are missing from most Nordic Tracks over time. Even perfect looking machines usually need the new self stick bumper at the base of the upright to firm up the feel and tightness of the machine.

Washers need to be checked and/or added to prevent wear in grips.

Rubber foot covers with washers to prevent wear are checked and /or replaced if required.

The flywheel on an even perfect Nordic Track may need abrasives like steel wool to eliminate tiny rust spots and smooth and polish for maximum performance and reduced wear on the drag starp. This can take some time unless a machine is used to speed up the process.

Even Near New looking machines usually have tiny spots where paint has been nicked and these need to be touched up both for appearance and to prevent future rust.

Electronic pickup requires testing and or adjustment either sideways on the axle or with the adjustable screw that holds the sliding assembly forward or backward on the frame.

 The restoration process requires many steps (45 steps on some models) even if only checking the particular functions of  Nordic Track parts and assemblies. This does require substantial time investment.

Final tests are required to make sure all componants operate smoothly.


Now a small amount of disassembly (usually leg assembly only) takes place. The tested electronics are double wrapped in foam and bubble wrap to insure they arrive in perfect shape. Legs are taken off when necessary, and wrapped and secured. Special cushioning/stuffing material is hand made and assembled to pack the macine into it's box.

Labeling and shipping documents are compiled. The trip to the shipper is the final step.