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If you can find a better core builder, balance builder, and concentrated aerobic workout machine - Buy It ! Easy to use , compact to store, and produces results fast. Old school craftsmanship and beauty meet practical concentrated workout success with restored Nordic Track ski machines.

Call or email me with any questions about features or models or anything about Original Pre 1997 Nordic Tracks. My cell is 612.423.0708 or email me at ******

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WELCOMEto NordictrackerOnline. We feature ONLY pre 1997 ORIGINALrestored Nordic Track Ski machines Made In Chaska Minnesota . Our Original Nordic Tracks have been carefully selected and then restored to a fine condition. NordictrackerOnline is the largest restorer of used Nordic Track skiers in the US. It is important that NordictrackerOnline is in Minnesota where the supply of Nordic Track Ski Machines is perhaps 10 or more times the per capita than any other region. This is because for many years Nordic Tracks were marketed regionally in Minnesota until they became popular around the country. In addition, employee and factory sales further saturated our region with more Nordic Tracks than any other area. This insures the widest possible selection of Used Nordic Track ski machines to choose from and allows for a quality of selection not possible in any other Region.
We have successfully shipped more than 4,500 restored Nordic Tracks to customers. NordictrackerOnline still has a 100% rating on eBay. We try to exceed expectations by not cutting corners and by taking the time necessary to deliver an Excellent product to you.

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